Full Service:

Whether buyer a home, or selling your home, our agents will assist you in every step of the process.  Are you new to real estate transactions?  Don't be intimidated by the process, our agents will walk you through each step, providing guidance and support in clear language.  

Hourly Consulting:

Do you need help with only certain aspects of your sale?  Are you a new buyer and have found a "for sale by owner" home that you love, but don't know what to do next?  For some individuals, an hourly consulting approach can be substantially more cost effective--in this role, our agents charge a clear hourly fee, and you are provided with a detailed billing so you know exactly what and when you have been charged.

Pet-Sensitive Real Esate Services:

We are experienced pet owners, and understand that moving is stressful for both the two-legged and four-legged members of the family.  Are you looking to buy a home and have unique pet-focused needs?  Whether searching for properties that meet the needs of smaller domestic pets, or land that meets the needs of  larger animals, we can help you find a home that fits your family.  Are you selling a home and worried about how the listing process will impact your pets?  Did you know that when you list your home, your real estate agent is generally not present during showings?  The agents representing potential buyers let themselves into your home instead, following written instructions as to how to handle the pets in your home.  This can provide additional stress as you wonder whether they followed your guidelines for not letting your cat out, or how your dog coped with strangers in the home.  We understand the unique needs of pet owners. If desired, we will be present at showings so that you know that the needs of your furry members of the family have been met, and your house is safe and secure for them.