ABOUT US--A Small Firm, with a Big Heart

Created by husband and wife team, Danielle & Dave, Piper Realty , LLC is a boutique firm focused on building client relationships.  Bringing together their unique backgrounds, Danielle & Dave set out to create a firm that could provide clients with a thoughtful, customized, and transparent approach to real estate.  They felt that the traditional real estate agencies often used opaque and outdated practices, resulting in clients feeling confused as to what real value was being provided to them. Clients didn’t have a clear sense of what they were paying for, what services their agents would provide for them, and when they truly needed an agent.   By working with clients in an open, ethical and compassionate way, and offering several alternatives to the traditional compensation structure, Piper Realty empowers clients to make informed real estate decisions while feeling supported and cared for.

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